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Horsing around...

Earlier this afternoon a whole cavalcade of horse-mounted police sauntered past our office, going north on Greenwich Street. Of course, it just had to happen on a day when I didn't bring my camera. Couple of my co-workers and I ventured outside to take a look. We never found out what the heck it was for but there were police from all over, not just NY.

As anyone who has spent enough time in Central Park can tell you, where there are horses, there's inevitably horse doo doo. They had obviously taken this into account however as a fleet of 3 street cleaners brought up the rear. Unfortunately, street cleaners aren't exactly outfitted to handle big chunks of crap on the street so all they wound up doing is mashing the stuff into the pavement, sprinkling it with water and leaving a still noticeable streak in the road. I guess no one makes pooper scooper's for street cleaners.


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