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I believe I can fly...

I believe I can touch the sky...

R Kelly song aside, the NY Times had an interesting article today on the declining interest in obtaining a pilot's license these days. I looked into it a few years ago but found the cost prohibitive although I would still love to go for one eventually.

Anyway, I found the following quote explaining how women learn differently from men to be pretty funny:

“Women learn differently from men,” Mr. Kauffman said. “If two men go up, they will scream and shout, and a transfer of knowledge occurs, and we’d get back on the ground and go have a beer, and life is good,” he said. “If you yell at a woman, she’d start crying, and she’d never come back.”

And I would beg to differ on the following passage:

BUT some veterans fear the magic is gone for good. Men who returned from World War II having seen the Mustangs, Corsairs or Thunderbolts might have wanted to fly their own propeller planes. In the wars in the Middle East, the A-10 Warthog has not inspired the same ambitions.

Granted the Mustangs, Corsairs and T-bolts of the WWII era were fantastic planes but I loooove the Warthog. The problem isn't that the Warthog isn't inspiring me to want to fly. The problem is I can't fly a Warthog even after I get a pilot's license. If you told me I could fly a plane that mounts a 30mm Avenger Gatling cannon which fires milk-bottle sized rounds of depleted uranium at 3900 rounds/minute after I got a license, I would be all over that like white on rice. But I can't, so obtaining a pilot's license will remain on the backburner of my life. ;-p


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