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And so it begins...

Plans are being drawn up, camping equipment readied, it's going to be the PS3/Wii all over again. I suppose the easiest place to camp out in would be the 5th Avenue Apple Store since it's open 24/7. Unless they intentionally force all iPhone campers outside.

I'm still vacillating mightily on whether or not I want one. Logic tells me to wait for the next version since there's just so much missing from the initial version. But then the early adopter in me wants to eh... early adopt. Damn you Palm for being so pathetically inept. I would have been happy being iPhone-less if only you idiots got your act together and actually came out with a new PalmOS-based Treo that was finally worth upgrading to.


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Aren't you thankful the Qualcomm decision help narrow down the choices for you?


No, CDMA can kiss my ass. I'm a jet setter don't you know? I can't be shackled by lame US-only CDMA. ;-p

Besides this decision is actually BAD for me cause that means there will potentially be MORE people looking to buy the iPhone. =p

Oh, and double whammy, I actually OWN Qualcomm stock so this ruling sucks! ;-p Maybe I should finally get rid of it like I've been meaning to for the past few years now...

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