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Misc Tidbits on Transitioning to the Brick MBP

'k, so I'm pretty much done moving my data and stuff from my old MBP to the new one. This time around I used Apple's Migration Assistant to copy over all the apps and Library data. Worked without a hitch for the most part. One thing to keep in mind is that if you want to keep the same login name on the new machine, don't create it yourself on the new machine before you run Migration Assistant. It'll say that the user already exists on the new machine and ask you to enter a new one. But if it's too late, you can always change the name later. MacWorld has a nice article detailing ways to do it.

Running into some minor issues here and there but nothing that's not fixable. Big issue where Firefox wigged out and couldn't download anything, add-ons included. None of the usual debug actions worked (create a new profile, trash the pref file, etc.) until I just downloaded the app again and replaced it in my app folder.

Copying my Bootcamp WinXP partition over was a first. Used WinClone and surprisingly, it actually worked! Although had to try it twice because the first time the BootCamp partition was larger than the partition I wanted to copy it too (by like a meg or something ridiculous like that) so I had to shrink the BootCamp partition first before imaging it. Then after successfully replicating onto the Brick MBP, MacOS X could no longer mount it. I suspected it had something to do with MacFuse+NTFS-3G that I had just installed last week so reinstalling the two packages solved that problem. Parallels actually ran off the cloned partition without a hitch which was a surprise.

Booting into WinXP raised a few issues though. Keyboard and trackpad was completely unresponsive so couldn't even log in. After poking around, I discovered this handy post on Winclone's forum which worked fine. Not completely out of the woods yet though as WinXP doesn't seem to be able to see the wireless card on the new MBP. Will have to delve into that tonight. Also the trackpad driver isn't as intelligent as it is on MacOS X. What am I talking about? Ok, even though the new trackpad is "buttonless," my standard behavior when operating it hasn't changed. Meaning I track with my index finger while keeping my thumb on the bottom of the pad (where the physical button used to be). In MacOS X, it's smart enough to ignore the presence of your thumb. In WinXP, not so much. I have to make sure that only my index finger is touching the pad while I'm moving the cursor around, otherwise it doesn't work right. Hm, maybe there's a setting that I can play with in WinXP...

[UPDATE]: Using the Apple MacOS X Install DVD to uninstall all the BootCamp drivers first and then reinstalling them again fixed the issues I was having in WinXP. Although the trackpad is still a bit wonky when compared to using it in MacOS X.

There is one issue that I'm very annoyed about though and it has to do with the new Mini DisplayPort. Namely, it doesn't want to work with my DVI Switching box. As I mentioned in my unboxing post, I share an LCD and USB hub between the MBP and my desktop PC via KVM switch that supports DVI connections. The Mini DisplayPort doesn't seem to be able to detect the existence of the LCD through the switch. If I connect the LCD directly to the port though, it works fine. Really a pain in the ass if it no longer works and won't work in the future. Luckily I rarely turn on my desktop PC anymore but still it'd be nice if it worked as usual.

Oh, and one physical issue. The edges on the new MBP are a sharp 90 degrees now instead of having the slight rounded plastic lip on the older models. So if your forearm tends to rest on the edge, it's gonna start hurting real quick.

That's all for now.

[UPDATE]: Oh right, forgot to mention that I do like how the controller on my Etymotic hf2 works with iTunes to stop/start playing and skip songs. Very nice.


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Hi there, I've just spent the best part of a day trying to get Windows working on the new MBP - wincloned from a Black MacBook. I used winclone to move from my original Intel PowerBook and it worked a treat but this time I'm failing to get past the start up. I've used the original Vista CD to do a repair but nothing seems to work. Are you saying you didn't have to hack anything or use any mystical powers to get Windows working? I'm keen to know more. Nice article. Regards, Norm


Hi Norman, nope, besides the issues that I ran into which I documented here, I didn't have to do anything else to get my Windows partition running again. Unfortunately I've never run Vista on my Mac so can't help much with that here. Hope you figure out a resolution soon!

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