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More Digging Through my Anime Past

During my last visit to my folk's place I dug up an old CD (remember those?) that I had burned containing anime songs that apparently I enjoyed back then. This must have been at least 14 years ago. Frankly I'm surprised the disc is still readable considering the crappiness of some of the DVD-Rs I've had to deal with lately. But anyway, in the process of importing them back to iTunes, I figured I may as well share them with y'all. Most of them I still enjoy, a few I'm more like "Really? I liked this?" But anyway, without further ado...

1. 残酷な天使のテーゼ (Zankoku na Tenshi no Te-ze (Thesis of a Cruel Angel)) by Yoko Takahashi - Neon Genesis Evangelion OP

This one's a bit borderline. It's not bad, but not something I'd listen to frequently these days. Although it reminds me that I actually have to finish watching the series some day. =p

2. Blurry Eyes by L'Arc~en~Ciel - DNA2 OP

The series was rather forgettable. I'm glad I found this song again though.

3. Itooshii Hito no Tame ni by Akemi Satou - Fushigi Yuugi OP

I'm not entirely sure why but this series irritates me more and more as time goes by. The OP's pretty good although currently not my taste.

4. 恋しさと せつなさと 心強さと (Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to) by Ryoko Shinohara - Street Fighter 2 the Movie Theme

Had completely forgotten about this song (and the movie) but I'm dying to rewatch the movie after hearing this song again. I somewhat remember the movie being not so completely terrible unlike some of the US treatments of it. =p

5. Information High by Melodie Sexton - Macross Plus

Quite a good series and quite a good song to go with it.

6. Angel Night by PSY • S - City Hunter 2 OP

As a whole, City Hunter's never going to win any accolades but it did well enough to have had quite an extensive run, including some pretty decent songs.

7. 100mph no Yuuki (100mph Courage) by Sakiko Tamagawa & Akiko Hiramatsu - Taiho Shichauzo (You're Under Arrest!) OP

A decent series with a catchy OP.

8. Love Diary by Unknown - Bakuen Campus Guardress

Combustible Campus Guardress was a pretty fun OAV series for the time. Oddly, no one seems to know who sang this song. And I can't find a clip of it online anywhere. Which makes it even odder that I somehow was able to find the song itself 14 years ago in its entirety. =\ I was able to find a clip of the last episode of the series though which contains this song as the OP and uploaded a clip to Youtube.

9. Hidamari by Kozo Murashita - Maison Ikkoku OP

I guess it should surprise no one that an OP from Maison Ikkoku would make its way onto this list. This particular one had the distinction of being the final OP for the last 20 episodes of the series.

10. Running to Horizon by Tetsuya Komuro - City Hunter 3 OP

Ahh... City Hunter again. Yup, still love it. =)

11. Mamoritai no by Miina Tominaga - Patlabor

Patlabor still has some of my favorite individual episodes of all time. The Youtube clip below contains scenes from one of them (trip into the sewers).

12. Get Wild by TM NETWORK - City Hunter ED

And finally, more City Hunter! Not my fault they've done a rather good job of picking OP/EDs for the series. ;-)

And that's it! I had also found another CD that apparently is a Gundam mix. But since I didn't jot down the song list for it when I had burned it, I have no idea what any of the songs on it are actually called. Ah well, anyway, always fun to dig up stuff from the past every now and again. Nazukashii desu ne?


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