_Lin Bien & Da Pung Wan - Part II_

After lunch the restaurant owner (quite a gregarious guy) convinced us to try out the new boat rides available nearby. Takes a trip around the Da Pung Wan area. Relatively new boats but not really all that much to see. Hence the kroaking available onboard. I guess the biggest attraction is the giant "airplane" type thing located on the shore which apparently is from Holland. Not sure exactly what the heck it is but people do seem to visit it. The boat then stopped on a "reef" nearby that had an eatery which seemed to do rather brisk business since every boat operator in that area stopped there. Anyway, was a relaxing trip nonetheless.

boarding the boat

Erin & her cousin

some big plane from Holland

observation deck of the big plane

bit of a windy day

I think they're looking for something

walking on water

4 siblings

they'll kroak anywhere

choosing her song

now it's her turn

chatting on board

collecting seaweed

rapt attention

having a snack

headed back to the boat

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