_Terhune Orchard - Part III_

Terhune also had a small petting zoo of sorts. There were a donkey, goat, a few sheep, and a whole gaggle of Canadian geese that I'm assuming were not originally part of the plan. Supposedly there's a pony too but we didn't see him that day. Anyway, for 15 cents you could get some feed for the animals which Erin enjoyed immensely. Never realized goats eyes were so evil-looking. =)

counting the damage

cute donkey

she REALLY likes the donkey

are goat's eyes normally so freaky looking?

that's one bored-looking sheep

this duck wouldn't take no for an answer

no wonder the goat's so fat

apparently she's very ticklish

sorry, no more food

mom & a sheep

on the swings

pretty flowers

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