_Apple Store Grand Opening_

They finally opened an Apple Store in the tri-state area (Tice's Corner, Bergen County, NJ, just off the Garden State Parkway) so who was I to resist the temptation of going to see it on opening day? I guess the free t-shirt for the first 1000 visitors offer helped a little bit too. =) Very nice store, they should do well. Erin, who's not an Apple fan, got dragged along anyway so she decided to spend the time taking pictures. We got there about 10 minutes before opening time and didn't step foot into the store till about an hour later.

the anticipation builds

just another Saturday morning

definitely not a portable

slowly but surely

on the brink

in at last

perusing the software

stalking my prey

a game of course

more lines

the obligatory free shirt

free software!

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