_Washington DC Trip - Part II_

We pretty much walked the entire length of the National Mall. From the Capitol through the Washington Monument and onward to the Lincoln Monument. With a brief sidetracks in the beginning to the Capitol Botanical Gardens and the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Sunday turned out to be _much_ warmer and we spent the rest of our time in DC visiting the Jefferson Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, and Tyson's Corner (the 8th largest mall in the nation).

kan pai! oh wait...

one kinda overshadows the other, eh?

kite-flying at the washington monument

nearing the end of the mall

the three amigettes, take two?

view of washington and the pool

'twas a windy day

switchin' sides

planet of the apes my ass

happy to be here

need my shades

jefferson memorial

checking camera status

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