_Washington DC Trip - Part I_

Erin and her friends wanted to go someplace close by for a weekend since it was during their spring break and they were all poor students. So I played chauffeur for a few days and drove them to and from the nation's capital. On Saturday we ventured around the National Mall area. Pretty darn cold that day but we still must've walked a good 6 miles or more just taking in the sites. Pretty good day for the kite-flying event that was part of the Cherry Blossom festival though.

behind the capitol

front of the capitol with the garfield statue

front of capitol next to grant statue

no tripods allowed without permit

the 3 amigettes?

let's get it right this time

steps up to the library of congress

posin' with the cacti

lookin' pretty

botanical garden

look at the puurty flowers

taking a break with orchids

um, you know you're videotaping inanimate objects, right?

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