_Hanging Out at Union Square_

These pictures were taken on Memorial Day, same day that we went over to Nori's place for dinner. We had gone into the city earlier that day and had some time to kill before meeting up with Achilles at the 34th Street station. 'twas quite a nice day so we found a bench in Union Square to rest on for awhile. Erin got bored after she was finished playing Hearts on my Palm and eating her strawberries so she decided to play around with the camera. Tons of people out and about that day so I kept telling her to stop messing around cause it was embarrassing. ;-p Anyways, some of the pictures turned out ok even if it is of my ugly ass mug. Don't say I didn't warn you...

look at me

sadly enough this is actually a good hair day

hey, i'm trying to play a game here

where did that come from?

could we look anymore like tourists?

ok ok, just one good shot

will you stop now?

not quite hacking up a lung

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