_Blizzard of 2003_

Well these are just some pics taken during the big blizzard aftermath yesterday. Heck of a lot of snow. Even worse in our backyard barbeque area since it's walled in on 3 sides so we got snow piled up about 4-5 feet high. They had plowed the streets a few times during the storm so it was easier to walk on but the sidewalks were pretty much untouched. Not many cars out and about either but the majority that were out there were mostly SUVs. And people say they're good for nothing. ;-p Local convenience store was open amazingly enough so stopped in for a stick of butter. Still haven't gotten Erin a pair of boots so everytime there's a major snowstorm, we always go out to play around but then scramble back indoors after like 15 minutes cause she's always freezing her feet off. The last 3 pics of her with a snowball was actually taken a few weeks back during a smaller snowstorm. She just took the camera with her on the way to school one day and came back with a bunch of weird photos.

view from living room

view from patio door

good luck digging out

enough snow for ya?

thank goodness for duck boots

pushing along a pickup

on the street

wind and snow, not a good combo

not sure what she's doing

but she sure likes that snowball

wonder what she did with it afterwards?

can't leave our building

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