_Easter in Hoboken_

This past Easter Sunday we took a trip up to Hoboken via the NJTransit Light Rail system. Was a beautiful, sunny day; a bit cooler near the water. Hoboken has a pretty nice pier/park located right outside their transport hub near the water. Big grassy field, bunch of war memorials and strange sculptures. Lots of people out that day taking advantage of the weather as well. Walked up and down Washington Street to see what was in the area before finally doing some grocery shopping and grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at Piccolo Roma which had the best tomato dip & butter to go with their complimentary bread that I've had in a loooong time. The rest of their food was pretty good too, maybe a tad salty but in hefty portions. But anyway, a nice half day excursion as it got too cold during the evening to really stay out.

waiting for the train

still waiting

our little station

not the train we want

finally on our way

acting casual

amateur tour guide

no grassy knoll

light calisthenics

on the brink

foolin' around

on the ball

taking a break

nice way to spend a day

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