_Day Trip Through New York_

Erin was feeling antsy having nothing to do during her winter break so she wanted to go out for a drive even though the weather was pretty poor. At least it hadn't started snowing yet and it wasn't as bone-chillingly cold as the previous days. But after a quick lunch at Mitsuwa's, where we ran into George & family, we headed north. Decided to take the Palisades Parkway up towards West Point and stopped at a few scenic points along the way. Since we had started off relatively late, the West Point Museum was already closed when we got there. After that I figured there was enough time to make a trip over to the Red Rooster Drive-In. Seemed kinda silly to drive over an hour for some burgers and a chocolate shake but hey, what else are you gonna do on a day like this?

scenic point

pretty overcast




picture off car body

at the NY/NJ border

ski & hiking trail



museum closed

outside museum

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