_Mom's Birthday '04 - Part I_

For my mom's birthday this year we decided to take her to an Asian style karaoke place in Flushing to celebrate since a big group of relatives were also in town. Asian style meaning you get your own room and don't need to make a fool of yourselves in front of strangers. The place we went to though had rather small rooms though, we could barely all fit into one of them. The first room they gave us was definitely too small so we made them switch us to another one that was marginally larger but was laid out a bit better for large groups. Anyway, I think we spent like 5 hours there and everyone had a blast. Not a very good selection of English songs unfortunately.

with her balloons

posing with the orchids

room is too small!


what's going on?

like the blurry effect

not sure what's so funny

erin & i

let the singing begin!


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