_Assorted Pictures from Taiwan_

These are a bunch of pictures that we took while I was in Taiwan. They're scanned in from regular photos which explains why they're not as large or sharp as my usual digital camera shots. The first shot is of us up in the mountains outside of Taipei somewhere celebrating my birthday. The next two are of us playing around at a very small park near to where Erin's mother used to live in Taipei city. The fourth picture is of us at a beach on the northern tip of Taiwan. Had a barbecue there with some of Erin's former co-workers and friends. And the last 3 are of us at Wu Lai which is another scenic area up in the moutains that has a waterfall and a small amusement park that you need to take a cable car to get to. The last picture is my favorite picture of Erin, ever.

chocolate, mmm...

playing on the slide

taking a break

not quite rock-climbing

the waterfall

scenic point

sittin' pretty

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