_Kaohsiung & Ping Tung_

First few pics of the infamous Love River and dragonboats were taken with me hanging halfway out my parent's bedroom window. Well, maybe not halfway but it certainly felt that way. Kinda disconcerting to have such low windows (bottom of the window frame is about the level of my waist) so far up.

The following pics were taken when we went back to visit my Dad's childhood home. Talk about old style. But quite well-maintained throughout the years. I used to come here for one day every time I came back to Taiwan for the summer with my mother. The main areas haven't changed at all. Currently my dad's oldest brother and some of his family live there and raise tropical fish for a living. Relatively recent change since they were raising shrimp (for consumption) before I believe.

The dog's relatively new too. Apparently I come off as a dog person cause I was the only one she decided to rear up and place her front paws on (really gunking up my shorts and the bottom of my shirt in the process). Or maybe I was just too tall so she wanted to get a closer look. =p

Anyhoo, we came to introduce Erin to my deceased grandparents and to let them know that we were married. Burned a bunch of incense and a huge stack of paper money. Pyromaniacs, we Chinese are. ;-)

view upriver

view downriver

hard at work

where my dad grew up

big pond o' fish

obviously not knowing what to make of me

waiting for my dad's bro

just my folks

nothin' like a dog's life

inferno aftermath

let sleeping dogs lie

with some of my dad's family

outside the main entrance

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