_Chi Jin Island & Shi Je Wan_

Erin's long-time compadre (Yu Wen) drove us around and about one evening, taking us first to Chi Jin Island right off the shore of Kaohsiung Harbor for a fresh seafood dinner. They've got some really, really bizarre crustaceans here in Asia. There's the flat-headed one seen below that tastes pretty much like lobster and they have an even odder looking one that looks like a cross between a praying mantis and a lobster that even I wouldn't touch. Yet... =)

After dinner we stopped off real quick at a beach park nearby where they had some small windmills going. Then we drove all the way to the other side of the river facing Chi Jin Island, Shi Je Wan, where Erin just had to try this gigantic bowl of shaved ice and assorted goodies. Supposedly quite a famous place amongst the locals and their tapioca milk tea is supposed to be quite gargantuan as well.

Afterwards we briefly drove around Chung Shan University (which Erin mistakenly thought was my Dad's alma mater) and then climbed up the nearby hilltop to take in the sights from the old British consulate at Takao (which incidentally sounds a lot like "beat dog" in Chinese) which is now a scenic/historical spot. Started to rain a little then unfortunately otherwise it would have been quite nice to hang out up there for awhile.

fiddling my with camera

just us again

poor crustaceans

our yummy dinner location

taking a load off

load-bearing crab

we probably should've looked for another place to take pictures ;-p

generating clean power

ok, not the best of lighting

row of illuminated windmills near the beach

heap of icy sweets

did a pretty good job polishing it off

the ones who ate the most ;-)

signatures adorn the walls

entrance to Chung Shan University

view of Tuntex Sky Tower from the old British consulate at Takao

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