_Dinner Reception - Part I_

This is just a collection of pictures taken by Erin's brother and cousins during the little dinner wedding reception my parents had for relatives on my side of the family at the Ambassador Hotel a block away.

Originally Erin was just going to buy two dresses off the shelf for this dinner and the next day's lunch but eventually wound up renting more formal dresses and having her makeup and hair professionally done by the wedding photo place on the ground floor of my parent's apartment building. Turned out better that way cause even though we didn't think of the whole reception thing as being all that formal, it was still a bit more formal than we figured.

getting made up

finishing touches

in the entryway

sitting pretty

portrait style

ready to go

what is my daughter doing?

paternal relatives

with my parents

with Erin's parents

everyone wants to get into this picture

Erin's grandaunt & uncle

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