_Narcissists Like Me_
Hsin Tsao - Ol' U of C compadre. Now married and hanging out on the West Coast with his wife, Tu

_Cool Shit_
Apple - Think Slightly Irregular
Canon - Great cameras/camcorders/scanners
Dynamism - The latest and greatest in slim notebook technology from Japan. Too bad it's all PC
TechAir - Great computer bags, leather and otherwise. And for a decent price too. Friendly customer service as well
Waterfield Designs - The best supplier of quality computer bags that I have ever seen. Fabulous stuff =)

_Fun Shit_
Crazy Apple Rumors - Some of the funniest Apple-related writing I've ever come across
Darwin Awards - Humanity at its best
Dilbert - Office futility at its best
NYC Primer - Things that every visitor should know when visiting the Big Apple
The Onion - Journalism at its best
User Friendly - Computer help desk at its best

_Money-Wasting Shit_
Amazon - They may be unprofitable but it's a B2C role model and still the best e-commerce site I've ever used. Wishlists are cool =)
eBay - Auctions rarely give you a better deal but it's all in the thrill of the hunt. And a great place to see how much your junk is worth - Possibly the most useful photo site around. I spend waaay too much time trolling their Buy & Sell forum.

_Time-Wasting Shit_
Dave Barry - Newspaper columnist extraordinaire. One of the funniest guys I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I used to have all of his books, until I stopped reading ;-p
Google - Simply _the_ best search engine currently available. Add newsgroups to the mix and you've got hours of mindless web surfing at your fingertips

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