Oh the humanity...

who are you?
I am your father's brothers' cousin's niece's sister's roommate.
so what does that make me?
You're Kevin Bacon.
oh my god it's all so clear now!
alright, so corny dialogue aside, who _are_ you?
I'm the most cynical, sarcastic bastard you'll ever meet. With a heart of gold.
that doesn't seem quite.... right.
Neither does wasting a quarter of our lives waiting in lines.
ok, so what do you do?
I'm the chronicler of the inane. Oh wait, that's already being done.1 I guess I'm just another fool with a website.
do you think that people will actually care about what you have to say?
Nope, but we all live in our own fantasy worlds anyway.
so where can people find you on the net?
Right here, Sherlock. Also:
 ronin on Twitter
 kenshin27 on Instagram
 My Amazon Wishlist
fine then, any final words of advice for the unwashed masses?
Take a shower.

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