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This is where I go to get things off my chest every now and then. For those of you familiar with my old rantings, this is basically the same thing, 'cept maybe a tad more risqué since I won't mince on cussing. ;-p But don't worry, I won't spit out shit for no reason. For those of you who've never been to my pages before, this section is here for me to make comments (mostly educated, sometimes not) about things that I've observed in my life and also just to keep my friends up to date with what I've been doing. Keep in mind that anything you read on here is pure opinion which might not jive with your own view of the world. If that's the case, friendly messages espousing your own views are welcome but flames will be cruelly mocked. So, without further ado.... > Current Spew
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Jan. 23, 2001 - More Microsoft Bashing
"Hmm.... let's see, a 70 year old ex-con.... Hey I heard Microsoft was hiring VPs!"
- Lewis, The Drew Carey Show (1/17/01)

Ok, that's enough. =)

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
In case you haven't noticed, I've enlarged the font size on this page so that it'd be less of an eye strain. Just tryin' to cover my butt in case any of you go blind in the future and decide to blame it on me. ;-p

Another (and the last) item from my old notes:
I went to sleep one night and woke up the next day without my shirt on. I distinctly remember having it on when I went to bed. But I have no idea why it was off the next morning. Spoooky...... ;-p

They did it again:
Shipping date for the Powerbook G4 has been delayed, damnit. Rumor has it they received more than 20,000 orders on the first day alone. Don't you just love rumors? ;-p Oh well, that means I'll be without a Powerbook for more than a month. Sheeeeeeiiiit.

Techie update:
Heads up for all you computer heads. RAM has plummeted to ridiculous lows in the past few days. Take advantage while you can cause you never know when they'll go back up again. Even if you have no need for RAM currently, stockpile baby. Give 'em out as gifts. With computers being so prevalent in households these days, who couldn't use an extra hundred megs or 2?

Brain hemorrhage:
Does anyone really believe in the phrase, "What goes around, comes around?" Or is it just another quaint saying that makes us feel better when we've just been screwed. Your thoughts?

Jan. 16, 2001 - "Ode to an old friend" and "Of PC woes and techno-lust"

The end of this week will probably be the end of an era for me. As of 10:35 pm EST last night, my old & faithful Powerbook G3 was auctioned off on eBay. If all goes as planned, it'll soon be winging its way to a new owner. In many ways I feel sad. panerai replica watches It was my first notebook computer and the first computer I've ever bought with no parental financial support. It hooked me on portable computers for good and served me very well during my 2 years abroad. It also serves as testament to my inability to stay debt-free in the face of technological wonders in a svelte package. It was a present to myself for having finally paid off the beast of a credit card bill that I had returned from Hawaii with. Obviously I didn't remain debt-free for long. =p _But_ I did pay it off in record time which is more than I can say about my future fiscal battle with the gorgeous item taking its place. And I think it kinda knew that it's time was up. For the past few weeks I was having major problems with its hard drive. All my old emails got wiped out and I had to reinstall the system software at least 3 times. It was a _major_ hassle. But when I put it up for auction, all of a sudden, everything was fine again. I haven't had to rebuild the directory structure once in over a week. So I feel bad about sending it away. Especially with all the time, effort, and money I've sunk into it during the past 2 and a half years. It's really too bad that the average computer life cycle is so short these days.

But no more! I vow that the new Powerbook G4 will be my last computer purchase... for at least 4 years. ;-p Don't scoff, 4 years is an eternity when it comes to gizmos. And yes I know some of you out there are still using computers from like freshmen year of college or something but you're probably all women if you are since no man can stand a techno-gadget of that age (at least for everyday use). It's a guy thing. ;-p (Thanks for the book, June. =) But anyway, you heard it here first. 4 years, at least, till my next computer purchase. Of course this is null and void if some fantasmagorical, wet-your-pants type of advance in computer technology happens to show up between now and 2005. ;-)

It came to my attention sometime last week that one of you (_Mark_ =p) was dissin' Mac users on his site. Coming from a former Mac user, this really hurt. Ah, who'm I kiddin'? I could care less. But I figured since apparently all current Mac users are really Mac _fanatics_, I'd be doing everyone a disservice if I didn't mention it and throw in a flame. So, SCREW YOU PC BOY!!!!! =)

Not that I hate PCs. They're decent machines if you can get over the fact that they're butt ugly and can't get a Mac. But you just won't see the kind of stupid shit with Macs that I just saw when attempting to install a credit card reader on my work laptop:


Actually this is more a case of bad wording than anything. At first glance, you might think that having the reader plugged into your computer while it was on was bad for your computer which would be downright silly since how're you gonna use this thing if your computer is turned off? On second glance, someone might think that plugging in the reader while the computer was turned on was a no-no. Which would be ridiculous since it has a USB plug. You know, plug and pray, PC style. What they really meant was that you shouldn't plug the thing in while your PC was booting up. In any case, it was all moot at the end cause I couldn't get the damn thing to work. You figure, computer running Windows NT, software and driver _for_ Windows NT, install the software, plug in the reader, and you're off! Apparently not the case in PC world.

And last but not least, my technogeek pick of the week:
The Ericsson R380 World - A cell phone/PDA. _Much_ better-looking than the Nokia "brick" and the keypad flips down to reveal a big-ass screen. My cousin says it's heavy though, although of course if you're comparing it to the T28 what wouldn't be? Plus it's a World phone and available now for a paltry $599. =p Feel my pain.

Jan. 10, 2001 - The _real_ new millenium!

But nobody seemed to care. After reading through my last rant, I decided that I talk too much. But then after reading some of Misanthropic Bitch's rants, I wind up looking like a mute in comparison. But from now on I'll keep things short. Probably even multiple entries per page. Whoo hoo!

Anyway, no rant today. Because I'm in a good mood for once. Although I guess I really shouldn't be. Since the new Apple Powerbook G4 just came out. So I'm ecstatic cause it's such a badass. But then I'm troubled since I'll be putting myself into debt again just so I can get it. Ah well, such is life.

Then I discovered a note to myself from a long time ago. To mention that in one of the residual aftershocks that we had in Taiwan a year or so after that big quake (or was this in Turkey? The note was lacking in detail.), one poor fellow was so frightened that he _broke his own jaw while screaming from fear_. That's amazing. How do you _do_ that??? I can't even imagine something like that.

Well, time to go. The missus is getting ornery. =)


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