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The agony...

of a dead hard drive. While I can't say that this is the fastest that a hard drive has ever died on me, I can say that this was the most critical as it was my main drive and I've probably lost about a month and a half's worth of data (best case). *sigh* Very annoying as there was zero warning. I came home last night, started to browse the web, and then spinning beach ball followed by the dreaded clicking/clacking/grinding sounds. Wasn't like previous HD failures in the past where it was a slow death, allowing just enough time to backup the important data. Just boom!! dead drive. Won't read, can't startup, can't do crap.

At least it's still under warranty so I can get a replacement but still, the data loss hurts. I really have to implement and stick with a daily backup program after I get things back up and running again. Been burned too many times already.

The other annoying part? Check out Hitachi's packaging steps. The electro-static discharge bag I can deal with but to have to use thick rubber foam to cushion all around it? No bubble wrap, peanuts and other regular packing materials allowed. That's just retarded for a notebook drive at least. I don't even know where I can get a hard drive shipping package for a notebook drive. Who sells that stuff? I can understand it maybe if the drive wasn't really dead but in my case, it's freakin' deader than a doornail. You'd have to be a god to bring this thing back to life. Will have to call Hitachi support after the weekend to see if I can send it in in just a bubble wrapped mailer since you can't damage it much more than it already is. Grrr...


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