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Breadmaker in da hizoooussee....

In the Oven

Erin decided to spend her Sunday afternoon trying out a recipe for scallion buns that she found online. This was her very first attempt at baking anything so expectations weren't very high. She was pretty enthusiastic about it though and I got a very funny picture of her sitting on the floor in front of the oven staring in while the buns were baking which unfortunately I'm not allowed to show.

Fresh Baked

Truthfully they came out looking a lot better than I was expecting. Pretty edible looking I'd say. She wants to get a bigger pan so next time the buns aren't as squished together.

Fresh Scallions

Why scallion buns? Cause we both like them. And the pictures in the recipe looked pretty good.

Hiding Behind Bun

Edibility-wise, they actually turned out pretty good. Only knock on it was that the bread came out to be a bit denser than we're normally used to from the stuff we get at the Chinese bakeries. But very good for a first attempt.

Guinea Pig

The remaining test is to see how edible they remain after a day or two. Since she made a dozen what we didn't eat today will be our breakfast for the coming week. But so far, I give her and the buns a solid "B". ;-p


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Wow, those look great! I'll expect some (vegan) scallion buns next time I come over. ;)

I nuked some tofurkey sausages last night for dinner. That's almost as good.


Mmm.. But, where's the recipe?


? It's right up near the top linked as "recipe for scallion buns." Although you need to be able to read Chinese. ;-p

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