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Brains... BRAINS!!!

No, this isn't a zombie post. Just spent 10 minutes up'ing the RAM in my MacBook Pro from the default 2GB it came with to... 3GB!!! Yeah, yeah, doesn't sound like much of an increase but I had no choice, the maximum supported is just 3GB. Has something to do with the Intel chip set that Apple used.

But how many people really need 4GB of RAM in any Mac, much less a portable? Very few, I’m sure.

What the hell kind of question is that? I'd cram 8GB of memory in my portable if Apple would let me (and if it was halfway affordable). If I need to have 4GB in my MacBook Pro, then Apple damn well better make it an option for me. ;-p Hmm... apparently the newest revision of the MBP does support 4GB now. Curses!

Anyhoo, the main reason I decided to bump the RAM is to see if it'd help with the performance of Parallels Desktop 3.0 any. Truthfully while the performance of these new virtualization programs are a step up from the old VirtualPC days, they're still pretty damn slow on portables. Of course they'll fly if you run 'em on a Mac Pro with 8GB RAM but not so zippy with anything less. Hopefully the addition of another GB of RAM will help but if not, guess I'll need to find some time to futz around with VMWare Fusion. Heard it was less of a resource hog than Parallels.

If all else fails, well, not much I can do. At this point I pretty much have the ol' MBP maxed out to the gills. 3GB RAM and a Samsung 250GB 5400RPM HD. I'll be working with this one for the next few years. Or until Apple finally decides to revamp their MBP design. ;-p


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"I'll be working with this one for the next few years."

Heh, anyone care to take odds on this one lasting even one more year? :)


Heh... You beat me to that one, Felix.


Yeah yeah, snarky bastards. I'll have you know that prior to the brief MacBook to MacBook Pro 6-month blip last year, my previous Aluminum Powerbook served me faithfully since the end of September 2003. 2003!


Dammit! Now you got me thinking about upping my RAM. It might just be my imagination, but Fusion does seem to access the disk less when up its memory allocation.

Speaking of VMWare... How about that IPO? Think it's still a good buy?


I wish I had knew about the VMWare IPO before today otherwise I probably would've tried to get in on it early in the morning. But no, I doubt it'll pull a Google. Then again I said the same thing about Google. ;-p

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