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Creepy, Just Creepy

The following two sites aren't ones I check on a regular basis but one of them at least is worth checking on every now and then, especially if you've got lil' ones afoot.

First up we have MyDeathSpace. It's an online obituary for people who have passed on and happen to have pages on either MySpace or Facebook. I found it strangely fascinating since my previous encounters with obituaries are just the usually matter-of-fact ones found in newspapers. It becomes much more interesting when there are photos of the deceased and detailed info involved. As far as I can tell, suicide by hanging seems to be a pretty common way to go as well as motor vehicle accidents. And then there's the one very unfortunate young lady who really wanted to go cause she took pills, slit her wrist and then took a bullet. Obviously not a site for daily visiting unless you're extremely morbid. Spending a bit too much time on it can be a tad too depressing.

Next up is Vision 20/20, a site that's a mash up between Microsoft Maps and the registered sex offenders list. Complete with photos of said offenders. Enter your address and voila! You get to see how close these creeps are you to. Somewhat disturbing to say the least, especially if you get a ton of hits in your immediate vicinity. Even if you don't have kids it might be useful to check out for real estate pricing purposes. ;-p


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