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I Heart My iPhone

So after yesterday's Apple event, the Interweb is aflame with the sound of fair-weather Apple early adopters' shrieks of anger and despair. C'mon guys, you're giving us real early adopters a bad name. ;-p If you can't stand the short (and rapidly decreasing) shelf life of being on the cutting edge, then don't join the party. No company has to cater to the results of our lack of willpower when it comes time to outdate it with a new model or drop the price. Just take your lumps, accept it or learn from it, and move on. At least with the iPhone you have the possibility of getting free and rather significant usability updates to the software/firmware as opposed to the piddling bug-fix firmware updates characteristic of just about every other cell phone/MP3 player out there. The iPhone you've had for the last 2+ months didn't just get any worse functionally than the ones being released now at a lower price did it? Beh, FSJ has a bunch of posts concerning this matter (too much IMO), but I like this one best.

As for those who view the price drop as some sign of weakness on Apple's part, I smirk in your general direction.

Anyways, moving on, iBrate has got to be the dumbest iPhone app ever released so far. But what do I know, maybe some ladies out there will enjoy it. Then the complaints that the iPhone's vibrate function not being strong enough will take on a whole new dimension.

And in iPhone-unrelated news, I think this shirt is pretty cool. Although I'm a bit wary of actually getting and wearing it on the off chance that some psycho takes it to heart and decides to gut me like a fish. ;-p


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I absolutely agree with what you’re saying; anyone early adopting a product should (by now) know the consequences of doing so. You buy an X-box or a Playstation at top dollar? Expect the prices the drop when Santa starting jingling in the Christmas season. The only relevant point I’ve heard against the price drop is that Jobs has always tried to do the right thing by his loyal apple junkies. As mentioned here:http://strumpette.com/archives/555-Jobs-to-Appleheads-Drop-Dead.html
I guess he's no different than anyone else in the cell phone business.

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