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Lens Cap Teether

New Teether

While Devon's bottom two teeth have already grown out, his top two are just coming in. So even at this age he still considers his mouth his primary exploratory sensory organ. While at Grandma's today he managed to get his hands on my lens cap and he just absolutely went to town with it.

Sprawled Out

We got him a dedicated teether/rattle a couple of months ago which saw infrequent use. It's not that he didn't like it; it just seemed like besides drooling like a madman, he wasn't particularly bothered much by his sprouting teeth. But he loved the lens cap. I guess it's cause it had all these ridges and a few different textured spots. But he'd munch on it sitting, then would sprawl out and munch, then back to sitting and munch, and then sprawl out again, etc.

Can't Get Enough

At least he's finally chosen something of mine that I don't mind him mouthing. Prior acquisitions include my PSP, my console controllers, and my iPhone. Actually I don't really mind him salivating all over the aforementioned items except for my iPhone. That I'll usually take away from him once he starts edging it towards his mouth.

Snacking while Computing

He's definitely using the cap as a teether though as I got it back with a bunch of new tiny nicks on the inner edges. Ah well, at least it's another weapon in our arsenal that I can pull out to keep him occupied when out and about. ;-p


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Those pictures are ridiculously cute. They should be illegal.

Also, you should get him his own lens cap! :)


Yeah I was thinking of getting him his own non-Ultrasonic lens cap. ;-p

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