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Web-Slinging Transformer?


While I'm kinda excited that it's been picked up, I just hope they don't make the Valkyries all angular and pointy and shit like they did with the Transformers.


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It'd be pretty bad if they screw up the mecha designs, since the Valkyries' designs intentionally look like US fighter jets.

I know Robotech is relatively more mainstream in the US. But, why not Macross instead? DYRL is a pretty good template for cramming a lot of story into one movie.

Robotecth... Protoculture as a proto-culture was just fine. Why'd they have to turn it into an energy source. Even before I knew they merged 3 unrelated series, they never seemed to fit in my mind.

But the bigger casting question is... What singer are they going to find that's annoying, yet moe enough to play Minmei?


Cause more people in the US will have heard of Robotech, not Macross. And I doubt they'll try to cram all 3 series into one movie. My guess is they'll just stick with the first one (which was the best out of the lot really). As for singer, I bet you it'll be either Mandy Moore or Hilary Duff. ;-p

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