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Comcast - Improving

So, late last night our Comcast high-speed Internet went down. Called up support, chatted with the sweet-sounding customer service rep for awhile and the final solution was to have a technician come by later between 7-9am. Rep said the tech would call half an hour prior to arrival. Standard operating procedure.

Went to bed.

Dragged my ass outta bed at 7am to wait. Noticed that the network was working again. Cool. Figured I wouldn't bother calling them to cancel the appointment since in my prior experience with their techs, they would call (or not) and if no one answered, they'd move on to whoever was next on their list. So putzed around for awhile and then went to work.

10:30am, someone's calling my cell phone from a number I don't recognize. Ignore the calls as I usually do with numbers I don't recognize. Few minutes later, Erin calls to let me know the Comcast guy's inside poking around. Told her to tell him the problem went away which she did but apparently the guy figured since he was already there he might as well check the cable box and the cable modem and whatnot. Call Erin back half an hour later and she said the guy didn't stay for long (understandable since nothing was wrong) but replaced a coax cable. Uh, okay.

So in summary, the good:

• Customer service rep actually helpful and courteous.
• Appointments available really early in the morning (so ideally they can come before I've left for work, usually a little before 9am. Ideally.).
• Technician actually showed up.

The bad:

• Technician showed up an hour and a half after appointed time and didn't call before coming.

Contrast this with my last experience with them where I waited around for the tech, called support after tech hadn't called at the end of the supposed appointment time range only to have them tell me that the tech called and because no one answered, I'd have to reschedule. Even though there was no way I could have missed the call cause I was waiting at home for the past 4 hours just for them.

So yeah, it was an improvement. Now if only they'd stop with these creeping rate increases. =p


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Time Warner likes to tell you they'll be by sometime between 1pm and 7pm, and then show up at around 8:30pm. Had that lovely experience when I lived in El Paso Texas.

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