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Anime Relics

Recently dug up some old anime LDs (yes, those big shiny discs) from over a decade ago that was stashed in our storage closet. Surprised that they've survived in quite excellent condition. Too bad they're worth next to nothing but does still hold some nostalgic value for me at least. ;-) And also, too bad that I haven't owned an LD player in about a decade. =p

KOR LD Box Set - Front

KOR LD Box Set - Back

First up, the ol' Kimagure Orange Road TV Series box sets. I remember these being a big deal back in the day. Here's a good writeup on exactly how this set came about. Yes I was amongst the initial 1000+ fans to petition AnimEigo for this set. So imagine my chagrin when they totally f'ed up my name in the credits. No, I'm not still bitter about it. ;-p

Back in the day, Maison Ikkoku and Kimagure Orange Road were my most-loved series. Since then, Maison Ikkoku has remained my number one while KOR has fallen by the wayside. I only recently noticed that AnimEigo had also released a DVD box set for it that's also out of print but I can't bring myself to spend anywhere between $400-750 for it as they seem to be going for on eBay.

Maison Ikkoku LDs

Speaking of Maison Ikkoku, I also have these four beauts. I never expected MI to be released in its entirety (thank you Viz!) back then so I was planning on picking up these LD re-releases as they came out. I suppose it's a good thing I didn't cause man, were they expensive back then. ;-p I think my parent's still have a LD player so the next time I visit I'm gonna pop in that karaoke disc and belt out some tunes!

NOT. =p

Patlabor LDs

Next up are two Patlabor LDs. I don't remember why I picked up the Music Clips disc (probably cause it was there at the time =p) but I got the P-14 disc because the OVA episode #14 ("Snow Rondo") is quite possibly my favorite episode of any series ever. Considering the amount of anime I've seen, that's pretty remarkable. Again, another series that I never expected to be released in its entirety here in the US (thanks, US Manga Corps!).

Macross Plus LD

And finally, Macross Plus. LDs being the pinnacle of video quality back then, and Macross Plus being the visual tour de force it was back then, well, it only made sense. =)


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Nick Lindley:

Please email me - nicolas.lindley@gmail.com - if you'd be interested in selling your KOR LD box sets (the TV series).
Many thanks,

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