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Small Sub
Atlantis Subs
Day Six - USS Arizona Memorial & Atlantis Submarines

Started off the day with a six pack of malasadas from Leonard's at Lee's suggestion. Very tasty indeed although any more than 2 at one time can be a bit of a sugar overdose. Energized, we drove out to the USS Arizona Memorial for a visit. Wasn't too crowded in the morning so we only needed to wait a little less than an hour for the boat out to the memorial. Spent some time looking at the historical items and store at the shore landing. It's a very nice and well-done memorial, suitable for the subject matter. Was thinking about also dropping by to the USS Bowfin and Missouri but didn't have enough time since we had to get back to Honolulu for the Atlantis Submarine tour.

So we drove back to Honolulu via Nimitz Highway and stopped by Gomaichi for lunch again. =) Yeah yeah, I'm an addict, what do you want? ;-p After another yummy lunch, we drove over to the Hilton Hawaiian hotel who's beach the Atlantis Submarine rides are based off of. Wandered about the stores that they have on site until the time for our ride. For some odd reason they had a penguin and a turtle enclosure on the grounds. But the Hilton Hawaiian seems to be a pretty nice resort. Although a bit pricey for us unfortunately. =p

The submarine ride turned out to be pretty super. The submarines obviously don't pull up right to the beach. Instead you take a boat out offshore and it docks right next to the submarine. They operate two subs at this particular location (one small, one big) and they're both pretty much the same. You climb down a hatch at either end into the sub and it's just two rows of seats running the length of the sub back to back. Then they take you to a couple of man-made reefs (old airplanes and chunks of metal seeded into the ocean) at varying depths (they have a big LED depth counter inside so you can see how far you've gone) to check out the local sealife. Big attractions of the trip are reef sharks and sea turtles. Seeing gigantic schools of tropical fish just floating around or hiding in the reefs was quite a sight too. The ride is rather pricey but the coupon from our Entertainment.com coupon book helped ease some of the sting. And for kama'aina's, they have an awesome plan where you can pay an extra $25 and come and take the trip as many times as you want for the rest of the year. Hell if I had knew that back when I was here for grad school I would've signed up immediately. Sheesh. But anyway, if scuba diving ain't your thing, this sub ride is a decent replacement.

After the ride we went back to our hotel for a little while before heading back out to Hawaii Kai to get some dinner at Roy's, another one of Lee's suggestions. Took me freakin' fore-ever to find the damn place in the strip mall that it was in and the fact that I knew that area cause it's the same strip mall that has the Costco that Jeff used to work at made it even more infuriating. =p But of course, it was located in the most obvious place and we finally did get around to it. Roy's is quite a popular place and for good reason. They serve that nouveux pan-Asian cuisine stuff with plenty of strange, but good, sauces. Not cheap but definitely worth a visit. And their chocolate souffle is to DIE for. No question. Damn that thing was good. A perfect way to end the day. =)

Arizona Memorial
view of memorial while docking
Memorial Entrance
memorial entrance
USS Missouri
USS Missouri
Wall of Names
wall of names
Closeup of Wall
in memory of
just me
rusty turret
Oil Slick
oil leaking from the remains
submerged section
USS Missouri
big ol' ship
The Ferry
ferry boat to shore
Odd Angle
on the boat back
Shot from Shore
shot of memorial from the shore
Battleship Background
me and the fuzzy Missouri
USS Bowfin
USS Bowfin
Bowfin Tower
lot of kills
Pali Lookout
Pali Lookout
Pali on a rather mild day
Northeast View
northeast view from Pali
Southeast View
southeast view from Pali
Me at Pali
me at Pali
Erin with Sign
Pali Lookout sign
Penguin Forum
penguin theatre
Bored Penguin
what you lookin' at?
With Turtles
why don't these guys try to escape?
Waiting for Boat
waiting for the boat to our sub
In the Sub
geeky girl
Schools of Fish
hiding schools of fish
rear view of sea turtle
Turtle Outside
turtle swimming alongside
Surfacing Turtle
surfacing for air
these guys can definitely hold their breath for a long time
Hawaii Kai
shot of Hawaii Kai
Line for the Small Sub
lineup for the small sub
Small Sub
leaving the small sub behind
On Boat
heading to our sub
Sub in the Background
sub in the background
temperamental clouds
the Sea
the sea and sky
Our Sub
subs ahoy!
Down the Hatch
down the hatch!
leaving the past behind
paddling out to meet the waves
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