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Trees & Sky
Back in Hawaii
Day One/Two - Arrival & Acclimation

As most of you already know, our original flight to Honolulu was cancelled. Rather disappointing but we didn't lose too much because of it. Although I guess it's much easier for me to say that now, 5 months later. We were pretty pissed at the time. Well, Erin was pretty pissed, I was just somewhat annoyed. ;-)

Anyway, we arrived in Honolulu late Saturday night and didn't get to the Park Shore Waikiki till a bit after 10pm. Had a complimentary room upgrade to one that had a view of Kapiolani Park and the beach which was nice although the room itself was absolutely tiny. Comfortable enough though and with a patio that looked down onto the pool area. Had a problem with their shower though where no matter how we situated the shower curtain, water would inevitably escape from the shower/tub area and flood the floor around the toilet so we'd need to lay down the excess towels to soak up the water. A bit annoying. But at least the cleaning ladies cleaned the mess up every day. So overall the Park Shore's a decent hotel. Definitely great location for the price though. Right across the street from the beach and since it's located basically at the farthest eastern edge of Waikiki, it's a bit less noisy at night.

After we settled in, I had a case of the munchies so naturally I went out and picked up a Sourdough Jack from the Jack in the Box a few blocks away and on the way back picked up some supplies from the ABC Store conveniently located on the first floor of the hotel. God I missed Jack in the Box. =)

The next day being a Sunday, we decided to take it slow and just wander around the area for the day. Walked the length of Waikiki window shopping and picked up breakfast at a MOS Burger which Erin was craving since she really missed the buns made of rice that some of their offerings have. Continued on out of Waikiki to the west (after a stop at an Internet cafe =p) and wound up back in my old neighborhood around Century Center. Stunned by how very little things have changed for the most part. The convention center was basically the only major thing new about the area. Even Club Rock-Za was still there. Uh, not that I've actually ever visited the place. Really. Just like I never visited the "massage parlors" on the second floor of the Century Center when I lived there. Man was I naive back then. =)

Was going to take Erin to Gomaichi for lunch but my plan was foiled when we got there only to discover that they were closed for the holidays until January 4th! Grrr... So we made do with a nice Vietnamese place next door. Afterwards we stumbled along back through Waikiki. Bypassed the Ala Moana shopping center completely cause we were beat from all the walking already and also wanted to hit the beach before nightfall. Returned to our hotel so Erin could rest for awhile.

Wound up resting a bit too long but still managed to go out to the beach for sunset which was beautiful. For dinner, we chose the Lobster & Crab House in the midst of Waikiki since we had a coupon for it from the Entertainment Hawaii book. Was an ok place. Then we just called it an early night cause we were still a bit lagged and had an early upcoming day.

Erin in the Airport
at Newark Liberty Airport
Killing Time
killing time
Geek Erin
just can't get away from computers
lying in the setting sun
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach facing west
Grubby Fingers
reaching for the camera
Lounging Around
lounging around, our hotel in the background
Something Got Her Attention
something got her attention
Playing with Sand
beginning her masterpiece
Hard at Work
hard at work
Still at It
she worked, I took pictures
Almost Done
almost done
Getting More Water Time
reluctant to leave the water
sunsets are more beautiful when you're in the islands
Very Funny
gee, thanks
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